Next Step Strategies has a wealth of fundraising experience with non-profits and political candidates. Our experience means that you will be able to make the most money while putting on great events and keeping expenses down. We also have experience in other, creative types of fundraising.


Creating memorable events that keep donors talking is one of the things Next Step Strategies does



Next Step Strategies can create fundraising events both large and small, from house parties to large sit-down formal affairs and everything in between. Our goal is to put on a fantastic event while keeping expenses down and dollars flowing in.


Research of potential high donors:

We can analyze your current donor base for potential medium and high donors, and research other donors that may be attracted to your work.


Conduct phone fundraising campaigns:

Phone fundraising campaigns can be an effective way to strengthen your base of donors, bring in much needed cash while spreading the message of your campaign or organization. We can run phone fundraising operations from start to finish, including developing materials, writing scripts, hiring and training staff or volunteers, and executing the campaign.


Meet with potential donors and secure financial contributions:

One of the most effective ways to bring in those large contributions is a face-to-face meeting. Next Step Strategies will meet with potential donors on your behalf.


Direct fundraising short and long term plans:

We can help your organization or campaign make a long term fundraising plan based on your needs, then design a way to get there.