Social Media


A new, important part of any small business, non-profit or political campaign, Next Step Strategies has the skills to use free media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and others to build your base of support and bring in new customers or supporters. We also can give solid advice on the efficacy of your website and how to make it better.



A dynamic, effective website is a key component of any small business, non-profit organization, or political campaign. We can work with a trusted designer to make sure you get a fantastic website coming out of the gate, or we can analyze your current website to ensure that it is as compelling as it can be and will bring in the most hits.



The best thing about Facebook is it’s free and millions of people use it. We can train you how to create a Facebook page, direct people towards it, and make it engaging and the page people want to keep coming back to. We can also maintain your page and use Facebook Ads to keep people flowing in.



Another free service, Twitter now reaches millions with small, catchy “tweets.” Next Step Strategies can help you create an account, learn to use it, and even maintain it.



Whether you are a political candidate, non-profit organization or a small business, you should be aware and reading the blogs that relate to your endeavor. Blogs are a great way to find out what’s going on in your field, and establishing a presence on the right blogs can be a way to direct people to your website. Next Step Strategies can also help you establish a blog of your own, linked to your website, and write content.